The AGSEDIS project is energy monitoring and control system which uses machine learning and deep learning capabilities.

In the project;

  • New generation of Modem and sensor infrastructure,
  • New generation SCADA unit infrastructure candidate,
  • Terminal and sensor infrastructure that can be used in loss-leakage and energy management in addition to IoT applications,
  • Machine learning and deep learning capable embedded system infrastructure,
  • Smart lighting management systems - optimizations for lighting when lighting is required, smart solutions for increasing the time and efficiency in battery powered lighting are developed.


SPM2M-Standardized M2M Platform is an IoT project that is supported by TUBITAK. The aim of the project is to connect machines together through a standardized platform, manage them from a single point and to make them smarter with decision support system.

As a part of this project, it will be provided to degrade the devices into settlements and to monitor and track all of the devices and the sockets in the settlement remotely. It is possible to measure the electricity consumption of the devices and control them remotely (open/close, temperature...etc.).



Automatic Meter Reading System ‘s software is developed for Turkish Electricity Distribution Authority. System monitors and reads the electricity meter data automatically. System capabilities are remote reading, transferring data to a central system and confirm, filling the missing data, storing data and submitting a correct formatted data.

Automatic Meter Reading System includes the bi-directional communication between the measurement points and the main control center. Project is supported by hardware and software elements.


In September 2012, Basari Mobile has begun to develop TV and Internet Video encoding system for standard and smart phones within the context of ACDC project. The system would able to send messages to users through Turkcell operator to provide video watching on mobile phones. Also videos with ads would be implemented to the system. In November 2012, the development of this service was successfully completed and provided to Turkcell NTV News and Sports services.



ICARE system is developed to read the data from different broadcast/broadband sources and distribute them to all network types.The aim of the project, to combine the home and tv entertainment services on the cloud-based infrastructure.

System dramatically lower the costs for broadcasters and investors and provides easy access to lots of virtual multimedia contents for end users.


H2B2VS aims the hybrid distribution of TV programs and services on heterogenic networks. H2B2VS uses HEVC which will be the video compressing standard on TV broadcast broadband in future. Within the context of H2B2VS Project, by using HEVC standard, there will be a hybrid network by combining the abilities of different broadcasts and broadbands. Stream synchronization on hybridnetwork for content distribution and delivery providing is a very difficult task. Thus, to handle these difficulties, there will be innovations in the networks, video encoding/decoding, video format recovery, transport layer, QoE, content protection and terminal fields. As the result of the project, it is expected that there would be new business models.