Providing Energy Efficiency Solutions with the help of our Remote Monitoring and Control Platforms.

Başarı Mobile EIS


Basarı EIS is the answer for controlling and monitoring your Energy. Basari EIS solution, provides energy monitoring and controlling abilities to its customers. Basari EIS hardware is monitored, analysed and controlled from Basari EIS software.

  • It is easy to monitor the status and alarms of power plants.
  • Real-time data tracking allows you to make timely decisions.
  • With the ability of creating customized calculation methods, it is possible to track the data that is requested.
  • ossibility of transporting power plant data on secure servers.
  • Hardware and software platform compatible with all production plants.
  • Mobile and web-based software allows you to access your device data anytime and anywhere.
  • It allows calculating not only electrical energy but, also cost within natural gas and water data.
  • Ability of creating realistic budgets and forecasts using data based on production and consumption.
  • Reporting ability in case of every level.


Solar Panel Tracking System provides solar panels to move towards the Sun’s daily activities via Solar Tracking Motors which are produced by Basari. This software and hardware provides up to 27% of extra energy production, unlike the fixed solar panels.

Solar Tracking System;

  • Works without internet connection,
  • Has panels with moving ability of -60 / + 60 degrees
  • Reduces staff costs for maintenance and panel cleaning with different modes such as snow mode, rain mode, cleaning mode,
  • Provides real-time panel management and data monitoring of the motor drive system,
  • Provides instant alarm tracking,
  • Has different modes that can be customized specifically to users,
  • Has ability of connecting to 500+ panel control systems
solar panel takip sistemi